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Hazelnuts are a ‘safe’ and reliable alternative to most orchard crops.

  •  Adaptations for growing in cold conditions.
  •  Not prone to rain or hail damage.
  •  Require fewer seasonal operations in the grove.
  •  Non perishable crop.
  •  Falls to the ground when ripe.
  •  Can be picked up by mechanical means.

They are easy to grow if limiting soil conditions have been addressed.

They do not require annual pruning to encourage fruiting.

Most pests and pathogens are controlled by Integrated Pest Management or chemicals compatible with organic certification.

Opportunities for marketing the nuts you produce include:-

  • Pick Your Own Operation – in the shell & off the tree.
  • Farm Gate Sales - in shell.
  • Selling to a Wholesaler – in shell, or if you crack - as kernel.
  • Value added kernel products – eg. nougat or chocolate, or oil.

Australian Gourmet Hazelnuts’ main crop varieties are suitable for all the above options.

  • Oregon Barcelona produces round large to Jumbo sized nuts. The tree is vigorous and high yielding; pollen shed overlaps TBC early flowers. The kernel is round with skin of medium thickness. Kernel partially blanches when roasted.
    Pollinizers: TBC, Turkish Cosford, Paskas Late, Halls Giant. Early phase pollinizer for TBC.
  • TBC produces round medium/large to large nuts. The tree is vigorous and upright. TBC kernels are round, have thin skin, contain more Vitamin E than several other hazelnut varieties, and their slightly elevated sucrose creates unique flavour. They seldom have kernel fault and blanch when roasted.
    Pollinizers: Oregon Barcelona, Turkish Cosford, Paskas Late.
  • Turkish Cosford produces clusters of medium sized round nuts. The tree is of medium vigour and twiggy. Kernels are round with thin skin and the flavor is nutty. Kernel does not blanch. The skin is not bitter, making the roast kernel ideal for use in dark chocolate. Low kernel fault.
    Pollinizers: TBC and Paskas Late. Mid phase pollinizer for TBC

  • Paskas Late – The tree is upright, good vigour and tight buds. Produces many catkins with purple hue. The nut is medium to small, round and produces a small kernel with thin skin and blanches well.
    Recommended as a pollinizer rather than nut producer.
Australian Gourmet Hazelnuts are seeking growers to support development clusters in the following regions of Central West NSW:-
Mudgee, Rylstone, Kandos
Capertee Valley-
Bylong Valley (South)
Bathurst and Kelso
Orange Region
O’Connell, Oberon, Shooters Hill
Taralga and Crookwell.
For more info or to express an interest,
call 02 6372 3224 or email