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Australian Gourmet Hazelnuts supplies home gardeners with hazelnut trees via the retail Nursery and Garden Centre industry.

3 Trees for Nuts © was developed in response to gardeners’ frequent complaints that their hazel tree/s failed to produce nuts.

3 Trees for Nuts is a unit of three known cross compatible hazelnut cultivars. Providing the three trees are planted as a group, all will produce large round tasty hazelnuts.

We supply Nurseries and Garden Centres in suitable climatic areas while our trees are dormant during the winter bare root season.

You can buy 3 Trees for Nuts as a bagged bare root unit with roots protected in moist mulch, or as bare root stock from selected nurseries. Some nurseries pot the trees up, providing you with a longer window for planting out.

3 Trees for Nuts relies on the successful formula of known cross compatibility and pollen shed occurring during female flowering on the other cultivars. If you plant just one tree, this formula is guaranteed to fail; two is still unreliable, but plant three and you're guaranteed to be enjoying home-grown hazelnuts for many years to come.

Find a stockist in NSW and ACT, or ask your nursery man to contact us for supply.

We do not supply direct to the general public.

Learn why 3 Trees for Nuts ensures home gardeners can now grow hazelnut trees with the certainty that they will produce nuts.

Click here to download ‘3 Trees for Nuts’ pdf

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