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We supply healthy, well grown and well rooted young trees..

Hazelnut trees are propagated by vegetative reproduction so that each plant has the same genetics as its parent or ‘mother’ and will therefore produce the same quality and shape of nut.

We propagate using a modified form of mound layering where the plant is cut back to ground level while dormant during winter. In spring the root mass or ‘stool’ sends up suckers. By December these are growing vigorously. We cover the base with clean sawdust and by July each sucker has its own root system.

Each rooted sucker or ‘whip’ is cut carefully below the young roots and removed from the stool bed.
Whips are colour-coded to denote the variety, inspected for deformity, adequate length and girth at the base, and quality of immature root system. The roots are washed free of soil and the whips are dipped as a disease precaution.

Whips are bundled by variety and bagged and batched into orders with their roots in moist clean sawdust. They can stay bagged for several weeks in moist sawdust, but should have been planted well before bud burst in spring.

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