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Hazelnuts are a very versatile nut. They will keep in their shells without loss of flavour or nutritional value. They can be shelled and eaten whole. Raw or roasted, chopped hazelnuts add something special when added to or sprinkled on casseroles, vegetable side dishes, and salads. And don’t forget the desserts! Mix into the batter or top your favourite puddings (especially anything chocolate) and party biscuits and slices.

To roast hazelnuts: spread shelled hazelnuts in a shallow pan and bake at 120 C for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally during baking, until skin begins to break. Roll in a clean tea towel, let rest for 10 minutes, and then gently rub back and forth to remove skins. Some bits of the skin may remain. Nuts should look creamy white in colour.

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